Community Operations

The Board of Directors appoints various permanent and ad-hoc committees to assist with community operations. These committees are composed of residents with staff and Board members serving as liaisons and/or chairpersons.


Committee membership is reviewed regularly, and new members are appointed as necessary. If you're interested in serving on a committee, please complete a Committee Interest Form.
  1. Activities Committee

    The Activities Committee supports efforts of the Lifestyle team by assisting with the planning, execution and evaluation of community activities and events.

  2. Budget Advisory Committee

    The Budget Advisory Committee is an ad-hoc committee appointed each year to review the proposed Association budget for the following year.

  3. Communications Committee

    Formed in 2016 to help redevelop the community’s communications program, the committee reviews ongoing communications efforts.

  4. Design Review Committee

    The Design Review Committee (DRC) is responsible for reviewing all Modification Application submittals, variance requests, and updating the Design Guidelines.

  5. Landscape Committee

    Established in 2016, the Landscape Committee acts as a bridge between residents, Caretaker Landscape and the Board of Directors.

  6. Pool Advisory Committee

    The ad-hoc Pool Advisory Committee meets as need arises.