Kayte Comes


Board Term





Executive Director, Community Associations Institute of Central Arizona

Vistancia Resident Since 

April 2011


Husband (Jeff), five dogs (Harlee, Mac, Skrapps, Rusty and Que)

Hobbies and Interests

Dog agility and service dog work; motorcycle rides with the husband; spending summertime by the pool

Why did you decide to run for the Board?

I ran for the Board of Directors as a way to give back to the community I live in. Since I was 19, I've always volunteered in my community. I have been a Red Cross volunteer for more than 27 years, teaching CPR (including pets), first aid, lifeguarding and swim-lesson instructor classes. I've sat on the boards of my local Kiwanis Clubs in Philadelphia and Billings, Montana. In addition, I've volunteered for Best Friends Animal Society, based out of Utah. I have been on my condo association board, townhouse board and another HOA board in Phoenix. I have chaired an organization that helped establish the first dog park in Maricopa, and I am currently involved with Community of Grace Lutheran Church, working with its after-school tutoring program.

What do you bring to the table as a Board member?

I want to share my experiences in volunteering, education and work within the nonprofit sector. Along with my volunteer experience, I have a bachelor’s degree in organization leadership/management, MBA in management and a master's in nonprofit leadership and management. I have spent almost 30 years working for nonprofits through charities and trade associations, and I know I can provide a well-rounded perspective the Board will need as we move into the future. 

My nonprofit experience has lead me to nine years of serving as the executive director of Community Associations Institute of Central Arizona, a trade association for the HOA industry. The organization lobbies for the best interest of homeowners and community associations for the state of Arizona and provides education to HOA boards and community managers.

What do you hope to accomplish as a Board member?  

I hope to accomplish, with the help of the other Board members and management team, a strategic vision and mission that will last many years and establish realistic goals and objectives for future Boards and the community, its vendors and management team that ties into the dreams of all homeowners of Vistancia.
Vistancia is home to all of us, and I would like the opportunity to preserve and protect the reasons we all chose to move here.  

What is the best part of living in the Village at Vistancia?

The location and beauty of the desert. The way the community has been designed, it feels as if you're far removed from the city lights and noise, but, in reality, you're only a few minutes away from everything. The common areas and trail system accommodate many homeowners and allow the opportunity for you to get to know your neighbors. The community encourages you to get outdoors and enjoy the desert landscape. 

What are the biggest challenges facing the Vistancia Village A Community Association?

The biggest challenge facing the Village of Vistancia is the future of Vistancia; growth within the community, potential commercial expansion and changing homeowner demographics are all unknowns.

That's why it's so important to have a strategic plan establishing the vision of the community, the steps needed to achieve the goals year after year, and a three- to five-year plan to ease tension and expectations. The Vistancia Village A Community Association is a nonprofit entity and should be treated as such. That being said, a smart business should have a strong plan to ensure success, growth and profitability. As a community association, success is the enjoyment and satisfaction one achieves living in Vistancia; growth is the homes built and sold; and profitability is a steady assessment schedule and fully funded Reserves.