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Sep 21

Do You Know the People In Your Neighborhood?

Posted to Association News by Adam Rosen

Not so long ago, the world felt like a smaller place and everybody knew everybody else in their neighborhood. Now, many of us aren't familiar with our neighbors and rarely speak to them in passing. Later this week, we can start to change that together on National Good Neighbor Day on Thursday, Sept. 26
National Good Neighbor Day was created in the more than 40 years ago to acknowledge and celebrate the importance of a good neighbor. Good neighbors often become friends. Simply put, making the small effort to be good neighbors can develop lifelong friendships. 
You can observe National Good Neighbor Day Thursday by doing some of the following:
Sep 21

Turf Species to Utilize in the Winter

Posted to Landscaping Tips by Adam Rosen

There are two types of grass varieties we can use in the winter in Arizona: rye grass and fescue. Rye grass is an option to replace Bermuda in full sun areas, while fescue is a better option for shaded areas where Bermuda is thin in the summer.

Rye grass has been used in Arizona for many years and is the best option for the winter months. Once germinated, rye grass requires very little water and will stay green until late May when the Bermuda turf emerges.

Fescue is a great option to use where Bermuda struggles during the summer months. It will germinate much like rye in the winter and will last into August when the humidity gets extreme. At that time, we are getting ready to overseed again. Fescue will require a bit more water and will need to be mowed higher than rye grass to achieve the best look. Fescue, because of more water use, is best to be isolated on its’ own valve and not mixed with rye grass if possible.

Sep 20

Learn How to Handle HOA Disputes in a Free HOA Class

Posted to Peoria News by Adam Rosen

The City of Peoria will host a free homeowners’ association (HOA) seminar from 1-3 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 17.

The seminar, held at Peoria’s Development and Community Services Building, 9875 N. 85th Ave., is presented by the Mulcahy Law Firm and will give attendees tools in how to effectively negotiate when a dispute arises in a homeowner’s association. The class will also offer tips on how to use mediation, arbitration, and litigation to resolve disputes in an association. For more information, visit the City of Peoria website or call 623-773-5140.