Landscaping Issues

Landscape issues are the most common type of violation issued by the Association. The governing documents set the rules for landscaping, both in the front and rear yards of properties.


If you plan to make any changes to your landscape, please submit a Modification Application for Design Review Committee (DRC) approval. All exterior modifications require DRC approval. If adjustments are made before approval is secured, you could be required to return the landscape to its previous state.

Minimum Requirements

The Design Guidelines (PDF) outline the minimum landscape requirements and guidelines for properties within The Village at Vistancia.

Among these requirements are the following:
  • Each front yard must contain at least four different species of shrubs and/or groundcover.
  • A minimum of two trees - 24-inch box minimum - is required for each front yard. One of the two trees must be planted between four feet and eight feet behind the sidewalk or curb, if no sidewalk exists. Trees should be planted at least 15 feet apart; if they need to be planted closer, they should be the same species.
  • At least 50% of front yard landscape should include organic groundcover. This applies to shrubs, turf and other groundcovers at ground plane only and doesn't include tree canopies. Use these guidelines to help accomplish this goal:
    • Full coverage of rock mulch
    • Groundcover within the first three feet of landscape adjacent to pavement must be less than 18 inches tall
    • One 15-gallon accent plant per 500 square feet
    • One 24-inch box tree per 1,000 square feet, located between street and front building setback; minimum of two 24-inch box trees per front yard
    • Seven five-gallon tall shrubs, small shrubs or cacti per 500 square feet
    • Twelve one-gallon groundcovers per 500 square feet
    • Automatic irrigation systems are required for all planting areas.
Review the Design Guidelines (PDF) for additional details regarding these and other requirements.