Violation Process


We understand that receiving a violation letter can be frustrating, and we want to emphasize that it is not a personal attack on any individual homeowner. The Compliance Team diligently patrols the entire community weekly to ensure that our shared standards, outlined in the governing documents, are upheld. Our collective goal is to create a beautiful and harmonious environment for everyone in The Village at Vistancia. While we acknowledge the potential frustration, please rest assured that our team is here for you. We want to make sure every resident understands the violation process as we work together to maintain a community we can all be proud of.

Stage One

If a violation is observed, the homeowner or tenant will be sent a courtesy notice notifying them of the infraction. Residents have 14 days to take corrective action.

Stage Two

If the violation is still not addressed, the resident will be sent a notice of fine. At this point, a fine will be charged to the homeowner's account. Residents have 14 days to address the violation.

Stage Three

In Stage 3, another fine will be issued and you will have 14 days to remedy the situation before reinspection.

Stage Four 

When you receive the third notice of violation, you have entered the red zone on the escalation meter. Stage 4 letters will indicate the accrual of fines, suspension of amenity access, and loss of association member rights. If the Association can contract a vendor to address the infraction, such as pulling weeds or trimming trees, it will do so at the homeowner's expense. If the Association cannot address the issue, such as backyard landscaping, it will be turned over to the Association's legal team for injunctive relief.

Acacia Grove & Primrose Estates

Residents in Parcels A28/A29, known as Acacia Grove and Primrose Estates, are subject to an additional violation process for the sub-association. For more information, review the Vistancia Parcels A28/A29 Community Association Fine Policy and Appeal Process (PDF).