Paint Schemes


When preparing to paint the exterior of your home, please remember these guidelines:
  • Color schemes must be selected from pre-approved options for your neighborhood.
  • If you plan to change the color scheme, you must submit a Modification Application to the Design Review Committee for approval prior to painting.
  • You must still submit a Modification Application prior to painting even if you are using the same color scheme. However, you may move forward with the painting process before receiving approval from the Design Review Committee if the existing color was previously approved. 
  • You cannot select the same scheme as immediate neighbors on either side or the house directly across the street.

Approved Color Schemes

There are the approved color schemes for each neighborhood. The appearance of colors on a digital screen is not a 100-percent representation of the actual color. Homeowners are encouraged to look at real paint samples prior to making a final selection. Physical paint books can be viewed at the Association Office.

Dunn Edwards Paint Schemes

Sherwin Williams Paint Schemes