Pay Your Assessments

Homeowners become members of The Village at Vistancia Master Association when they purchase a home within the community. In addition to becoming members of the Master Association, homeowners living in gated neighborhoods, Acacia Grove, or Primrose Estates, also become members of a sub-association. 
 Association members are responsible for paying quarterly dues to support community operations and reserve funds. The additional sub-association assessment is used to fund gate maintenance, road repairs, and street sweeping, among other expenses. 

Both your sub-association and master association payments are due quarterly on January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1. Assessments received after the 30th of the month are subject to late fees under the current Assessment Collection Policy.

How To Pay Your Assessments

Village at Vistancia homeowners have a few different options for paying assessments.

  1. Direct Debit
  2. Pay In Person
  3. Pay By Mail
  4. Pay Online

DIRECT DEBIT/ACH UPDATE (July 17, 2023) - Residents who are already set up for Direct Debit/ACH with CCMC will receive an authorization email from AAB ( upon transition closer to September.

Homeowners will be required to provide one-time authorization through this secure email to have their payments continue to be automatically withdrawn.

Homeowners that do not provide this one-time authorization will receive a follow-up message from AAB.

Homeowners who do not respond will be deactivated from automatic withdrawal and be required to re-register at

Quarterly Assessments by Neighborhood (Updated 2024)

Neighborhood Quarterly Assessment
Village A $320.70 (Master Assessment)
Acacia Grove $465 (Sub-Association Assessment) + $320.70 (Master Assessment) = $785.70
Primrose Estates $465 (Sub-Association Assessment) + $320.70 (Master Assessment) = $785.70
Alta Vista $120 (Gated Assessment) + $320.70 (Master Assessment) = $440.70
Aria $108 (Gated Assessment) + $320.70 (Master Assessment) = $428.70
Chaparral Canyon $105 (Gated Assessment) + $320.70 (Master Assessment) = $425.70
Entrada $180 (Gated Assessment) + $320.70 (Master Assessment) = $500.70
Mira Vista $138 (Gated Assessment) + $320.70 (Master Assessment) = $458.70
Montecina $141 (Gated Assessment) + $320.70 (Master Assessment) = $461.70
Serenade $140 (Gated Assessment) + $320.70 (Master Assessment) = $460.70
Tapestry $163 (Gated Assessment) + $320.70 (Master Assessment) = $483.70
Terracina $147 (Gated Assessment) + $320.70 (Master Assessment) = $467.70