Sales Fees

Real Estate Transactions

Certain fees are association with real estate transactions. These one-time fees, assessed as part of closing costs, apply to all homes within the Vistancia Village A Community Association.

Fee Descriptions

Resale Disclosure and Lien Estoppel:
As part of the state's resale requirements, the management company fulfills mandated resale disclosure requirements. This fee is charged to cover these expenses. 

Working Capital: This fees ensures the Association shall have adequate funds to meet its expenses or to purchase necessary equipment or services.

Additional Sales Fee (Vistancia Maintenance Corporation): These fees support the operation of the Vistancia Maintenance Corporation (VMC)

Transfer Fee: Each person who purchases a lot must pay this fee, reflecting transfer of ownership. 

Homewise Docs Fee: Charged by Homewise Docs to receive property status information. 

Vistancia Village A Community Association - Closing Fees

Transaction Fee
Resale Disclosure and Lien Estoppel  $382 ($125 for new homes)
Working Capital $183
Additional Sales Fee (Vistancia Maintenance Corporation) $75
Homewise Docs Fee $18
Additional sales fees are associated with home sales in the Acacia Grove and Primrose Estates neighborhoods. 

Parcels A28 - A29 Community Sub-Association - Closing Fees

Transaction Fee
Resale Disclosure and Lien Estoppel $382 ($125 for new homes)
Working Capital $500
Transfer Fee $75
Homewise Docs Fee $18