Pool Committee


The committee shall meet bimonthly (once every 2 months) or a total of 6 meetings per year.


  • Taylor Hayes – Vipers 
  • Cari Lopez – Classes 
  • Nicole Cunningham 
  • Mike Sullivan 
  • Chris Robbins
  • Carol Schuessler 
  • Kelly Ashworth


This committee is established to interface with the Board of Directors and the Association Management Team to provide information and recommendations on behalf of the community association for these specific purposes:  

  1. Serve as the eyes/ears of the VVA by reviewing the condition of the pool interior, decking, pool furniture, maintenance, safety, and esthetics of all Common Areas associated with the VVA pools which include the MVC amenity pools and the Foothills pool.
  2. Provide recommendations to the Board to preserve the integrity of the pump room equipment to ensure the longevity of pumps and heaters per suggested manufacturer settings.
  3. Serve as the primary source of contact through VVA to Clubs and Classes regarding pool temperatures and pool operation concerns.
  4. Provide ideas to the Board on how to improve the pool Common Areas and operations.
  5. Complete any other tasks assigned by the Board.

Volunteer to Serve on the Pool Committee

Pool Committee Application

Pool Committee Charter