Donald hennington

Donald Hennington


Board Term 





Currently: Retired


- Chief Operating Officer, Department of Administration for Arizona

- Vice President, Office of Technology, Mutual of America Financial Group

- Consulting Portfolio Director, IBM Corp

Vistancia Resident Since 



Married to wife Susan for 50 years

Two children

Three grandchildren

One dog

Hobbies and Interests

Woodworking; reading historical fiction, history, biographies of historical people, and sci-fi

What do you hope to accomplish as a Board member?

1. Further Board transparency to continue sharing Board decisions that affect our community

2. Ensure we continue fiscal responsibility

3. Responsiveness to community requests for amenities that benefit the majority of community members

What is the best part of living in The Village at Vistancia?

 I love the heat, the 280+ days of sunshine, the views of the Witchcraft mountains, and the trails.  We finally have a gas station, grocery store, etc.  Many years passed before those arrived.

What are the biggest challenges facing the Association?

Community participation: there is a dedicated core of members who are active and vocal.  They speak for the entire community, which means that those members that aren't involved aren't being heard.  We have many communication devices that are being used for residents that are not part of the "official" communications from CCMC and the Board.  These chat rooms are certainly valuable -- residents can certainly express their views and concerns -- but since these are not recognized or monitored by the Association, it's distressing that voices that have something to say aren't being heard.  Participation in meetings, raising your voice if you have an issue, and sharing your view, only happen when you're participating in the Association.  Hearing those voices is my greatest concern for the Association.  Both CCMC and the Board strongly encourage meeting participation as well as contacting CCMC and the Board with issues you wish to have explored or added to the Board meetings as an agenda item.