Classes and Clubs

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The Village at Vistancia has a rich history of offering a wide range of classes and clubs for all residents. Classes and clubs bring our community together by helping residents find common interests and new connections. Fun Fact: Most of our classes and clubs are facilitated by Village residents like yourself. While classes and clubs are similar, there are some differences between the two.

Class Description: A class is an activity for the community that is geared toward a specific interest (yoga, tennis, Zumba, lessons, etc.). A class requires monetary payment to participate. The class facilitator will set their pricing and are responsible for collecting payments. Class facilitators are also responsible for having liability insurance. Class facilitators handle all communication with registrants, and the Association staff handles the promotion of ongoing and available classes held within the Village at Vistancia.

Club Description: A club is an organized group dedicated to a specific activity (mahjong, canasta, reading, sewing, etc.) facilitated by a resident of the Village at Vistancia. There is no monetary payment required to attend or join a club. If you are interested in attending a specific club, you will reach out to the club facilitators.

Want to start a class or club?

We are continuously on the lookout to add new fun, unique ways for the community to connect. If you are interested in starting a class or club, please follow these steps:

1. Determine if your idea is more of a class or a club.

2. Please look at our class and club list to make sure we don't currently offer the same idea you have.

3. Review the Class Guidelines or the Club/Interest Group Guidelines below to understand the requirements of each.

4. Review our Code of Conduct and Waiver below.

5. Write up a detailed description of what your class or club will be. Ensure to include how often you would like to meet and what facility you would like to use.

6. Finally, reach out to Ashley Laurence,, with the details of what you would like to start. From there, Ashley will assist you in the next steps on how to establish your class or club.

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