Parking on The Street

If you plan to park on the street during the day in Acacia Grove or Primrose Estates, please ensure that there isn't another car parked parallel to yours on the opposite side of the street. The roads in Acacia Grove and Primrose Estates are narrow and can create a safety concern for fellow residents. Cars parked parallel to each other can make it difficult for emergency services to navigate through the streets, especially if there are larger trucks, SUVs, and vans parked along the road. Additionally, please park with the flow of traffic, facing the direction of lane traffic on the side of the road that you're parked on.

No Overnight Street Parking

A reminder that street parking in Acacia Grove and Primrose Estates is not allowed between the hours of 12 am – 5 pm. If residents or visitors plan on having their vehicles parked in the community during this time, please utilize the visitor parking spaces available. Vehicles that are parked on the street during this time will be cited by parking enforcement.

Visitor Parking Spaces

There are limited visitor parking spaces located within Acacia Grove and Primrose Estates that are open for residents and their visitors on a first come first serve basis. These parking spaces are not to be used for any kind of vehicle storage or project car maintenance. We kindly request that you please utilize your garage space or store at an off-site facility. Typical signs of an abandoned and/or stored vehicle are it's gathering dust, has cobwebs, has expired tags, or has significant damage, like a flat tire or broken window. The Compliance Team conducts regular patrols and will tow vehicles at the owner's expense if a vehicle appears abandoned in visitor parking spaces. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated in helping us maintain a safe and compliant community.