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Jan 25

Pool Maintenance Begins Feb. 4

Posted to Association News by Adam Rosen

Some might argue it’s too cold for a dip in the pool to start the year, but there are people that enjoy the heated pools at the Mountain Vista Club and Foothills Center all year long. These are frequented by lap swimmers, water aerobics, and those looking for a milder version of the Polar Plunge or a good workout when the water is warm, and the air is cool.

We keep the pools open 365 days a year for you to enjoy except for when our annual maintenance happens. This maintenance is done during the coolest time of the season to disrupt as little pool fun as possible, and we’ve scheduled maintenance for both community pools for next month at separate times so one pool is always open.

Our annual pool maintenance will begin Monday, Feb. 4, at the Mountain Vista Club. The pool area will be closed for about two weeks as the pools are emptied and cleaned to remove dirt and residue from a long, hot year. The CoolDeck will also be power-washed to ensure it keeps your feet cool on the hottest days for years to come.

Once work is done at the Mountain Vista Club, pools are refilled, and the lap pool is heated to a comfortable temperature, we will reopen the pool area and close the Foothills Center to perform maintenance there. Similar work is expected to take about a week to complete at Foothills, and both pools will be reopened by the end of February.

Check out eNews later this month for exact dates for each pool closure. Thank you for your cooperation as this work is done; we can’t wait to open both pools back up for the spring and summer and reopen the water slides in May!

Acacia Grove and Primrose Estates residents: your neighborhood pool will undergo maintenance once work is done at Foothills Center in late February. We will let you know by email when we have exact dates.

Aug 13


Posted to Landscaping Tips by Adam Rosen

In the heat of the summer, it may be tempting to continuously water your plants in between rains to avoid under-watering. However, over-watering plants can also pose a threat to your plants.

When a plant receives too much water, this increases the risk of invasive fungal diseases attacking your landscape. The excessive moisture in the soil provides optimal conditions for the fungi grow, which can prove detrimental to your plant’s health. Root rots are also very common in over-watered areas, destroying the integrity of your plant’s roots underneath.

To spot over-watering in your landscape, these are a few signs you should look out for; yellowing and soft leaves, consistently damp soil or the growth of fungi. If you begin to notice any of these signs, you should immediately adjust your irrigation schedule.

Aug 08

New Resource Center Hosts Fair

Posted to Peoria News by Adam Rosen

More than 18 organizations will gather to help Peoria families at the Family and Youth Resource Fair from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 24. 

Families will be able to meet with organizations to learn about financial planning, job training and employment services, youth programs in the area, disability and crisis resources, and health care services such as Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program, and senior care. Children between the ages of five and 12 can play games and videogames, make crafts, and more while parents, grandparents, and guardians attend this free event.

“The Neighborhood and Human Services Department places a strong emphasis on helping our youth succeed and become integral members of our community,” said Carin Imig, Peoria Community Assistance Manager. “We take this responsibility seriously and are continuously improving and offering new services and opportunities for youth within our city. This Family and Youth Resource Fair is an excellent example of how we integrate our future leaders into our programs and also teach them how they can be a part of civic engagement.”

The Community Assistance Resource Center houses several organizations full time that can provide a wide range of assistance to Peoria residents. Those organizations include Bloom 365, Child Crisis Arizona, Marc Community Resources, WIC, Stepping Up for Seniors, FSL, Benevilla, Arizona at Work, JAG and Medicare Planning Solutions. 

“It is important that our residents are provided tools, like the Family and Youth Resource Fair, that contribute to having healthy families,” said Peoria Community Assistance Coordinator Lisa Mattox. “When a person thinks of healthy families, they usually think of basic needs like food and housing. Yes, that is huge part of it but it is not everything. We have to help our community members in need find ways to build better lives so that their families thrive.”

Residents can get information, attend workshops, sign up for assistance, or consult with experts.