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Feb 16

Pre-emergent for Summer Turf Weeds

Posted to Landscaping Tips by Cullen Boswell

Want to reduce summer turf weeds and promote healthy turf the easy way? Apply a pre-emergent herbicide NOW to help prevent seeds from germinating in the soil. A timely application of pre-emergent can greatly reduce the number of weeds that germinate since it inhibits the weeds’ roots and does not allow them to grow.

When choosing a pre-emergent, find a product that says it is a weed preventer. Ask for assistance at your local home improvement store for additional help, and be sure to follow all directions on the bag. Typically the product may be granular that you water in after spreading throughout the lawn.

So consider this vital step in reducing summer turf weeds. Or get ready for a few unwelcome visitors in your nice, green grass this summer!

For additional information on weed control, visit our Learning Center at 

Aug 17

Practice Back to School Safety

Posted to Peoria News by Gary Gomes

With the start of a new school year underway, the City of Peoria is encouraging students, families, and drivers to practice back-to-school safety. If your child is walking to school, plan the route ahead and choose the safest path with the least street crossings. Teach children the rules of the road, to obey all traffic signs, and follow the directions of school crossing guards. Teach children not to talk to strangers or accept rides from anyone other than approved friends and family. While driving, remember to slow down in school zones, always yield to children in crosswalks, and do not drive distracted. To ensure the safety of all students, the Peoria Police Department will be strictly enforcing traffic safety and parking in and around school zones. 


Oct 26

Peoria Police Host Fall Motorcycle Safety Event

Posted to Public Safety Tips by Samantha Thomas

On Saturday, November 20, 2021, from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. the Peoria Police Department in partnership with the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety is proud to host an interactive Motorcycle Safety class. 

There is no charge for this one-day class and it is open to the public.

The program will consist of a short classroom discussion to cover safe riding habits and overall motorcycle safety followed by hands-on course instruction. During the riding portion of the course, critical riding skills will be reinforced to promote the optimal response to dangerous riding situations.

Motorcycle riders wishing to apply for this course can fill out a short application at This is not a course for new riders to get an endorsement. A valid driver's license and motorcycle endorsement are required to attend this class. Selected participants will be notified prior to the class.

Seating is limited and program participants will be selected based upon application screening.