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Mar 26

COVID-19 Closure and Cancellations

Posted to Association News by Samantha Thomas

Our top priority is to keep our community safe and healthy. We've been closely monitoring the recommendations and actions taken to help decrease the potential spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the City of Peoria and the state of Arizona. 

After careful consideration and much discussion between the Board of Directors and the Association management team, The Village at Vistancia is temporarily canceling all classes, clubs, and events until further notice effective immediately. 

What does that mean for residents?
  • Association and Lifestyle Offices: Effectively immediately and until further notice, The Village offices will be closed to visitors. Our team will still be on-site to assist you but we are requesting that personal contact be limited with staff. We highly recommend calling or emailing our team if you have any questions before visiting the office. We understand that this may be an inconvenience and apologize. See the bottom of this email for contact information.
  • MVC Gymnasium: The Gymnasium will be closed effective immediatly until further notice.
  • MVC Clubhouse: The Clubhouse is closed effective Wednesday, March 18. The Clubhouse will still be used as a Primary Election polling station for Tuesday, March 17.
  • Pools: All pools will be closed effective March, 19 at 5 p.m. until further notice.
  • Private Rentals: If you have a rental scheduled in March or April, staff will be reaching out to you to discuss some options. 
  • Tot Lot: The Tot Lots will be closed until further notice.
  • Classes and Clubs: All classes and clubs are suspended until further notice.
  • Events: All events are canceled until further notice. This includes:
  • March 26, Food Truck Night
  • April 4, Community Garage Sale (will reschedule if possible)
  • April 9, Thirst Thursday (will reschedule if possible)
  • April 11, Eggstranvangza, purchased tickets will be refunded. 
  • April 14, Vistancia Ladybug Release
  • April 16, Food Truck Night
  • April 21, Lake Pleasant Ladybug Release
  • April 23, Lake Pleasant Cruise (will reschedule if possible)
  • April 25, Village Cafe and Artwalk (will reschedule if possible)
  • As more information becomes available, additional events could be canceled.
  • Common Areas: Residents visiting The Village common area amenities are encouraged to take preemptive measures such as hand washing and hand sanitizing during and after visiting these amenities. If you or your family is showing symptoms of an illness; please refrain from using the common area amenities at this time. 
  • Board and Committee Meetings: All non-essential Board and committee meetings are suspended until further notice. Necessary meetings will be posted and held virtually.
  • Annual Meeting: Please watch for further communications regarding the Annual Meeting tomorrow.
  • Modification Applications: Please submit all applications online to practice the recommended social distancing. If you have questions please contact the Association Office via phone or email.

Steps we have taken to help prevent the spread of COVID-19:
  • Additional cleaning days are scheduled in all of the common areas.
  • Any staff member who is feeling ill is encouraged to stay home and contact a healthcare provider.
  • We are continuing to follow all health and safety protocols currently in place, as well as maintain a focus on cleaning high traffic, commonly handled surfaces.

Association Office: 623-215-8646
General Information Questions - Casey Doscher 
Maintenance - Jake Monday
Communications - Samantha Thomas
Design Review - Stephanie DeAlba
Compliance - John Ruggles
Lifestyle - Kelly Strand

As this situation progresses, we will continue to evaluate upcoming events and programs. Please keep an eye out for website, Facebook, and email updates. 

Aug 04

Moving into August

Posted to Landscaping Tips by Krislyn Powell

As we move into August, DLC Resources is focused on protecting your landscape from both monsoon damage and the lingering summer heat. With most of the Ryegrass transitioning out, the summer Bermuda grass is filling in throughout your common areas. For any remaining bare spots, crews will continue to give extra attention through fertilization and irrigation to push growth in these areas, typically sloped or shaded places that receive less sunlight or water than turf in flat, open spaces. 

Several monsoon windstorms have blown through the Valley lately, breaking numerous tree branches in your community. We trim the affected trees as needed and clean up the area. Unfortunately, ten trees were lost. (As a reference, Vistancia has over 7,100 trees.) We updated our GIS arbor inventory to provide vital information for future stump removals and replanting.  

We are monitoring your irrigation system and have maintained increased run times as necessary for the warmer temperatures. In addition, our Water Department and local irrigation specialists carefully observe monsoon rainfall and on-the-ground conditions to deliver the right amount of water for your landscape. Thankfully, recent rains have allowed us to turn off the irrigation system for several days, saving water and reducing costs by as much as $10,000 for your community!

Crews have been performing routine maintenance, trimming any trees or plants encroaching upon sidewalks, walls or corners. Your landscape is still experiencing high levels of growth. Shrubs are pruned according to bloom cycle. Plant debris, spent blooms and bean pods are removed as we work around the community.

Our Special Projects Dept. is working on the poly to PVC conversion project in select common areas throughout the Village, replacing older poly piping with more durable PVC. Replacing the poly piping with stronger PVC pipe helps save money by reducing leaks, wasted water and eliminating redundant repairs.  They are currently in the Silverado neighborhood.

Mesquite tree

Structural pruning helps trees have a better chance of surviving wind damage, although intense storms are always a threat.

Aug 04

National Water Quality Month

Posted to Peoria News by Krislyn Powell

August is National Water Quality Month–a month dedicated to making the most out of the freshwater that is available. Having clean water is vital to individual health and the needs of our environment. The City of Peoria’s Water Services Department employs dedicated, certified operations and engineering personnel who treat, test, and deliver safe water to Peoria water customers. Every drop of Peoria’s drinking water is treated using modern, state-of-the-art treatment technology. Hundreds of tests are performed each month to be certain that drinking water meets all federal, state, and local water quality standards. During Water Quality Month, it is important to recognize what life would be like without clean water. For more information, visit To view the City of Peoria’s Water Quality Reports, visit