Sep 21

It’s Overseeding Time Again!

Posted on September 21, 2021 at 1:27 PM by Samantha Thomas

It’s almost October, which means it’s time for the annual turf overseed. We started reducing mow heights and lowering the irrigation to Vistancia’s turf areas several weeks ago. Starting September 27, we will aerate and lay down Ryegrass seed. Remember that Bermuda grass, which thrives in warm weather, goes dormant in cooler months. To avoid having straw-like, blonde turf, DLC Resources spreads Ryegrass seed to help your Community have lush, green turf during the winter months.

After seeding, it’s essential to water frequently to encourage germination. The ground in your common areas will be very wet at first. But this is all part of the process! 

And we sincerely ask for your help in avoiding foot traffic in these areas for 3-4 weeks following overseeding. Giving the new grass time to get established greatly helps its success. Thank you for partnering with us to give the Ryegrass a strong start, which should lead to healthy, beautiful turf for months to come!

Visit the Learning Center on our website,, for additional information about overseeding. 

Sep 15

Fall is a Good Time to Add New Plants

Posted on September 15, 2021 at 11:57 AM by Samantha Thomas

If you’re ready to add some new plants to your yard, fall is a great time! With the weather finally relenting to slightly cooler temperatures, plants can withstand transfer better and require slightly less water. Be sure to till the soil and add fertilizer before planting. 

Additionally, you will want to check your irrigation system for any hard water deposits that may have built up along your drip lines. If discovered, these should be cleared before any new installations to help ensure water can reach your plants efficiently.

But be sure to keep these considerations in mind: Is it the right plant/tree for the right space? How big is your plant or tree going to be in its mature size as it relates to its space? Some shrubs grow quickly and overtake a small area! And what kind of light does it need? The closer the plant is to hard surfaces like sidewalks and brick walls, the more sun and heat it will absorb. Be cautious of placing plants near these reflective surfaces. 

And be aware that if you buy something that flowers in warm weather it may soon lose its blossoms. That’s ok, though, it should bloom again next year. These tips can help you decide how and what to plant for your new, fall additions to your yard!

Visit the Learning Center on our website,, for additional information about plant care. 

Sep 15

Hello Caterpillars

Posted on September 15, 2021 at 11:54 AM by Samantha Thomas

Have you noticed an abundance of caterpillars wriggling in your common areas lately? Maybe you’ve just seen the evidence of their presence after they’ve munched on certain plants or trees? 

Here is a quick guide to caterpillar activity