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Aug 25

Soil Prep Tips

Posted on August 25, 2021 at 12:12 PM by Samantha Thomas

prep_soilIf you’re thinking about growing flowers or vegetables for fall, be sure to invest some time in preparing your soil before planting. Tilled, fertilized soil will provide a valuable environment for plants to thrive, not just survive!

First, till or rake your soil at least ten inches down. This helps to reduce compaction, allow oxygen to reach throughout the planting bed, and improve drainage. Then, add several inches of fertilizer and a soil amendment, if needed. 

Fertilizers add to the ground’s nutrient composition, while amendments alter the texture and pH of the soil. For instance, if your soil has a high amount of clay, then adding gypsum will help break up the soil particles so water flows through more efficiently.

Lastly, mix it all in well and add water. Your soil will soon be ready to nurture whatever seeds or seedlings you choose to plant!

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