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Oct 12

Planting Winter Annual Flowers

Posted on October 12, 2021 at 1:37 PM by Samantha Thomas

Now is the perfect time to purchase winter annual flowers for your yard. Annuals complete a full life cycle in one to two seasons and need to be replanted yearly. Whether you are adding new pops of color or replacing summer annuals that will not survive the cold, annual flowers can add beauty and interest to any space. 

But one of the most important guidelines for flowers in the fall is to avoid accidentally purchasing summer annuals. Around this time of year, stores frequently have tempting displays of warm weather varieties, which may even be on sale, but will soon die as the weather cools. 

Good winter options include Pansies, Petunias, Geraniums, Alyssum and Snapdragons. Stay away from summer annuals like Vincas, Zinnias, Pentas and Golden Fleece.

Prepare the soil in both pots and flower beds as harsh summer weather depletes it of nutrients. Mix in mulch, fertilizer and sulfur to create a healthy growing environment for your beautiful new additions. You can always ask questions at your local nursery or home and garden store to find out more about specific flowers and how to prepare your yard for planting. Then get ready to enjoy a brighter winter with your new flowers!

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