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Mar 30

Trees are Key to Your Landscape

Posted on March 30, 2017 at 12:05 PM by Adam Testa

Trees provide the largest value in the landscape and should be treated as the dominant design aspect when planning your landscape. Think in terms of allowing trees to grow to maturity without needing to prune repeatedly to fit a space. Here are some of the things trees help with:

  • Cleaning the air,
  • Saving energy by providing shade,
  • Improving community safety and livability, and
  • Increasing property values.

As trees mature, prune to clear walkways and help develop strong branch structure. Eliminate cross-branching and weakly developed branching by evaluating trees as they grow. Remember to water deeply and infrequently to flush salts past the root zone and encourage roots to seek water at a deep level.

Once trees have become established, prune only to remove dead wood and cross-branching. Over-pruning leads to weaker branch structure and will, ultimately, hinder the trees’ ability to withstand strong winds.

Trees are the dominant value in your landscape; treat them with the respect they deserve.