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Sep 20


Posted on September 20, 2018 at 9:42 AM by Adam Rosen

This week we started overseeding at the Mountain Vista Club. At DLC Resources, one of the first steps we take to transition your turf is a process we call jiggling. Jiggling is performed before Ryegrass seed gets applied and helps prepare the soil so that the Ryegrass will germinate more effectively.

DLC Resources was one of the first commercial landscape companies to use the jiggling method in the Valley’s communities. One of the reasons we utilize this process is to help minimize the amount of dust and debris that was typical of the traditional overseeding process. The term jiggling stems from the specialized attachment we use on our tractors called a jiggler. The jiggler creates ¾-1 inch divots every 2-3 inches throughout the seed bed. This allows the seed to make more direct contact with the soil, which makes them more likely to grow than if they simply fell on the undisturbed surface. In fact, you will see that the Ryegrass that was planted directly in the divots will grow first, and then fill in and help create a lush, green and even turf.

We have begun jiggling at this week and will start the process throughout the community in two weeks. All of our preparation will help ensure that your community will have healthy, green turf in the coming months.