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Jan 25

Deciduous Trees

Posted on January 25, 2019 at 12:16 PM by Adam Rosen

Are you noticing bare trees in your community? Don’t worry! They aren’t dead! The odds are that they are just deciduous trees. Deciduous trees go dormant and lose their leaves in the winter.

When springtime returns, they will begin to grow new leaves and blooms. One example you might see in The Village is the Desert Willow. In the spring and summer, Desert Willows have green leaves and pink blossoms.

In our Arizona climate, winter temperatures are often not cold enough for deciduous trees, like the Desert Willow, to go dormant at all. However, this year has been a considerably cold winter with many instances of freezing temperatures. If you haven’t had bare trees in past years, you might be noticing them more now.

Deciduous trees losing their leaves do mean that there is an extra chore of raking in the winter. But did you know that winter dormancy is also great time to prune your trees? Read on next week to learn more about why winter can be the optimal time to prune your trees.