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Mar 27

Turf Aeration

Posted on March 27, 2019 at 10:02 AM by Adam Rosen

As your DLC Resources crew begins to transition your common area Bermuda turf out of dormancy, we will use aeration in order to prepare the soil and promote growth. Aeration, a valuable but often overlooked practice, is a very effective tool for maintaining healthy turf.
Turf areas that are utilized frequently often suffer from soil compaction. Prolonged physical compaction of the soil results in a hard surface that does not allow efficient water penetration, oxygen absorption by the roots and movement of nutrients from the surface into the root system, all of which are needed for healthy turf. Aeration breaks up soil and mitigates these issues that compaction causes.

The aeration process is achieved by creating holes (3-6 inches deep) in the turf soil. One common method of aeration involves forcing a solid tine, or spike, into the soil through the use of gravity (weight), hydraulic down-pressure or vibration. This is a fast, clean process in that soil is not removed that would in turn litter the turf. Another method of aeration involves driving a hollow core tine into the soil and removing a small cylinder-shaped soil “plug”.

If you are interested in aerating your own turf at home, we recommend applying a turf fertilizer after aeration to achieve good nutrient balance in your soil. Our crews will be following this and many other processes in the coming weeks to bring back your community’s Bermuda grass in time for fun in the sun!