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Apr 08

Arizona Spring Tips

Posted on April 8, 2020 at 1:59 PM by Samantha Thomas

With the beautiful Arizona spring finally upon us, it is almost time for overseeded Ryegrass to begin its transition back to summer Bermuda turf. You will see DLC conducting this process in many turf areas throughout the Community beginning April 27th. 

As temperatures rise, dormant Bermuda turf will begin to grow, competing with any lingering Ryegrass for space and nutrients. The longer this Rye is competing with the Bermuda for nutrients and space, the less time the Bermuda has to establish its roots and develop into healthy green grass. 

To reduce the time these turf varieties are in competition, DLC crews will conduct what is known as a “hard transition”. This involves purposefully eliminating Ryegrass, in order to allow a smoother transition to Bermuda, enabling an ultimately stronger crop. Following 2-4 weeks of dormant-looking turf, you will begin to see the Bermuda grow from underneath.

With summer approaching, we will be removing cooler weather winter flowers and adding summer flowers more suited to warm weather. These will be added in selected flower beds within the Community. 

Certified Arbor Crews are also on-site this month in preparation for structural tree pruning that is done every year as part of our long-term comprehensive tree care plan. They are currently identifying and mapping trees for this pruning process. This tree work will take place in the coming months and helps trees grow strong and healthy in their space and helps prepare your trees to better withstand wind and storm damage.