What can I expect from using this system?

SeeClickFix is an easy way for residents to report concerns directly to the City and have department staff follow up to resolve the issues. Please use a detailed address, description, and photo (if possible) to give as much information to the Management Team, Landscape Vendors, and Maintenance so they can investigate and determine the best way to address your concerns. You are encouraged to enter your email address on reports in order to get automated updates on the status of your issue as staff works to resolve it. This system is best suited to respond to non-emergency service requests that can be assigned to staff and addressed in a timely manner. Issues requiring immediate attention should be reported to community patrol at 480-313-2685. To report any criminal activity or immediate public safety concerns, please contact the Peoria Police Non-Emergency Line at 623-773-8311 as this system is not monitored 24/7.

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1. What is SeeClickFix?
2. What can I expect from using this system?
3. What problems or issues does SeeClickFix solve and how does it benefit residents?
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