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Parking Variance Approval Request

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  2. Parking Variance Approval Request

    Parking variance may be granted pending an inspection of parcel or lot from a CCMC representativePlease provide the following to the representative at the time of inspection:


    1. A single photo of all designated parking spaces as they are being used. (Temporary guestsvehicles will not constitute a varianceAll garage & driveway spaces must be used for vehicle parking.) Please contact someone on the Compliance team to schedule a garage inspection.

    2. Contact Information:

  3. Are any vehicles classified as commercial vehicles? (RE: CCR Article 4,2 "S")*
  4. Are any of the vehicles Public Service or Public Safety vehicles? (RE: A.R.S. 33-1809)*
  5. Description of vehicles permanently stored on site:
  6. Vehicle #1
  7. Vehicle #2
  8. Vehicle #3
  9. Vehicle #4
  10. Vehicle #5
  11. Vehicle #6
  12. Vehicle #7
  13. Vehicle #8
  14. All cars must be parked in compliance with all city and state laws and codes. Avoid parking in front of driveways, stop signs, fire access roads, and fire hydrants. Parking in bike lanes is also prohibited. Remember to keep cars off sidewalks and park so that cars in the driveway do not stick out into sidewalks. Commercial vehicles must be parked out of public view.

  15. To be completed by the Management Team:

    Date of Inspection:                                   ____________________

    Inspected by:                                         _______________________________________________

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